Rice & Split Pea Chicken Porridge


January brought rain, snow and cold temperatures to California this year. But, as much as I love the cold, it also brings or can exacerbate illnesses. One day at work, I had a patient that was very sick and weak and hadn’t eaten for two days. Fortunately, this proved to be an easy fix when his sweet wife came in with one of his favorite dishes: chicken rice porridge. He ate it all up and had enough energy to get through the day. This post is dedicated to that couple who proved that food is not only the way to someone’s heart but also to their health and healing! Continue reading

Bison Chili


California hasn’t given way to Fall temperatures but that doesn’t stop me from enjoying Fall recipes in my kitchen. What I enjoy about Fall and Winter is: they are seasons for making hearty and easy soups. This post is inspired by a gift – a lovely package of natural ground bison. To me, there is nothing better than being gifted with quality food. Thanks, mom!  Continue reading

Skirt Steak “Fajitaco”


I grew up in a city infamous for its taco stands and had street tacos a few times each month with my dad, mom and sister. Tacos are one of my dad’s favorite things so this post is dedicated to him. Hi Dad! In turn, I have learned to respect the tastes of lime, cilantro, onion, bell peppers, corn tortillas and an array of meats. Over time, I’ve learned how to modify those flavors to suit a healthier menu. Continue reading